The power of short videos
Welcome session. Recording
In this class you find out:
  • more about the new course
  • tips on how to monetize your shorts
  • which mistakes prevent you from growing on your socials
  • how to get motivated to start creating and posting regularly
What you will get?
1) choose the topic for your future content

2) shoot videos (reducing your effort and saving time)

3) find music, identify key-moments and do basic video editing

4) prepare and publish your first videos

5) adapt videos for different social media platforms
2 co-working sessions with tutors
2 live trainings with Marina
18 pre-recorded classes
Practical course
Short videos
Long-term result
By the end of this course you will create   18 new short videos, that you will post on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram
  • 3 live Zoom calls with Marina
  • 2 live co-working sessions
  • Community on Circle platform
  • 18 pre-recorded classes
  • Practical assignments after each class
  • Tutor support for the entire period of the course
  • Certificate of completion of the course
Our package includes:
I have never filmed myself. Is the course right for me?
Try filming 2−3 Instagram stories. Did you manage to do that?

In terms of shooting this is how easy short videos are.

Was it really that difficult and scary? If so, try getting used to the camera first. We are hoping to see you next time!
I have already done other courses by Marina. Will this one be of use to me?
Creating short videos is a tool definitely worth learning as it will help promote your channel/account. We haven't touched the topic of short videos as extensively in other courses.
How do I choose which social media platform to post short videos on?
We will help you get a clear idea of where to start by comparing all the platforms, as well as teach you how to create content simultaneously for several social media platforms.
Please leave a message in the feedback form — a technical support specialist from Marina Mogilko’s School will contact you and answer any questions you may have.
Do you still have questions about the course?