The power of short videos
How to get followers and become popular fast using Reels, Shorts and TikTok
Start: April 2023
Online course
Every month my subscriber base organically grows by 300,000 people — without any special effort on my part. Short videos help me with this: Shorts for YouTube, Reels for Instagram, and TikTok. And I know exactly which videos get promoted by the algorithms, and which do not. Therefore, I do not waste time and energy in vain.
Who is this course for?
for those who want to learn how to create content that promotes itself
for those who want to grow fast and organically via social media
for those who want to attract new clients in their business using short videos
for those who are willing to explore other content formats and reach new audience!
In the Power of Short Videos course I share all my video secrets. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced bloggers who already know something about short videos.

Our course has a rich program that will allow you to enter the world of professional blogging from scratch, or upgrade your existing blogging skills. Our goal is to teach you how to shoot targeted videos—those that people will watch to the end, then go to your home page, become your subscriber, and eventually become your most loyal customers.
This is what you gain from the course
Your result
We have 18 video lessons set up for you — NO BORING theory, only up-to-date and proven insights and approaches.
So, in our course you:
Are your videos barely gaining a thousand views, and you don’t understand why? We will teach you all the tricks of viral videos, and show you how I use them in my work.
Discover which videos become hits, and gain thousands of views
YouTube is not the only platform where you can promote yourself with short videos. In the course, we will talk about the advantages and pitfalls of other streaming services—for example, Instagram and TikTok.
Determine which social network is right for you to use in promoting your videos
I have developed a system for shooting content, with which you can cut your work in half—without sacrificing quality. Life hack: you can shoot content for a month in advance, and then relax with a clear conscience.
Learn how to prepare for each video shoot in advance, so that you don’t foolishly waste time and energy later
There are many ways to make money on content: for example, you can use the built-in monetization systems (AdSense on YouTube), cooperate with advertisers, make your own merchandise, and sell services.
Understand how to monetize videos, and start earning real money
Our course builds upon your own self-discipline: our teachers and mentors will help and encourage you, but you’ll learn to work independently, so that after graduation, you can be a truly independent blogger. Don’t worry—we’ll help you keep focus and avoid sliding into procrastination. You’ll have a plan to follow step by step.
Create a content plan for your upcoming videos, and start shooting them
Seriously, high-quality videos can be shot from your phone! You just need to learn how to do it.
Master basic editing in apps on your phone
A constant pain: you want to use your favorite audio track in a video, but you cannot—because of possible copyright infringement problems. The course will show you how to solve this problem.
Learn to add music without encountering copyright problems
A blogger today cannot produce with just a phone. You will need lapel mics and a number of other tools.
Gather the necessary equipment for filming
Under the guidance of our teachers and mentors, you’ll create videos and get detailed feedback.
Shoot and publish your videos
Resizing, or repackaging, content is a new trend. You take one video and make several derivative videos out of it for use in the special conditions of the different social networks. Repackaging saves time, effort, and money.
Adapt videos for different social networks to get maximum coverage
Our cases
from our previous cohorts
Course curriculum:
1. How short videos are different on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube
2. Ideas for short videos
  • Nuances of each platform — TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts
  • Types of short videos
  • Where to look for short video ideas
  • Trends. How to identify and how follow them. How to get inspired by other people's ideas and adapt them for your blog.
  • How to start and set goals for the blog to grow on the platform
  • Organizing and planning short videos content
3. Content plan

  • What to consider in the first few seconds of the video. Video length (depending on the platform)
4. Scripts

6. Editing and publication Part 2
  • Editing videos on your phone
  • Editing short videos on PC
  • Editing recorded videos (description, hashtags)
5. Editing and publication Part 1
  • Tips for shooting preparation: equipment, location, setup
  • Music, copyright, fair use. Where to look for music
  • How to make a short video from a long one
  • Tutorial: How to make Shorts on PC

  • Bonus lesson from Venya Pak: Making Shorts is Easy
7. Algorithm
  • How the algorithm works. Nuances of use on different platforms
  • How to analyze your YouTube and TikTok videos
8. Monetization opportunities
  • Ways to monetize your videos
Marina Mogilko @linguamarina
Inna Ushakova @_innaushakova
Venya Pak @venyapak @veealwayshere
  • 984K followers on Instagram, creates content in two languages

  • 10M+ subscribers on 3 YouTube channels

  • 1000M+ views

  • successfully taught over 5,000 students

  • 269K subscribers on China's biggest video platform Bilibili

  • 134K subscribers on 3 Telegram channels

  • $17K— estimated monthly revenue from YouTube
  • manages 8 YouTube channels with a total audience of more than 10M subscribers

  • Marina Mogilko's personal YouTube manager

  • knows how to find video ideas that get millions of views

  • creates Shorts that get more views than regular videos
  • 1M subscribers across multiple YouTube channels

  • 150K+ followers on TikTok

  • Over 1.5M monthly views on YouTube

  • Over 200K weakly views on Instagram Reels
Start of the course:
April 2023
  • Community in Telegram
  • 18 pre-recorded classes
  • Practical assignments after each class
  • Tutor support for the entire period of the course
  • 4 exclusive pre-recorded sessions with Marina
  • Certificate of completion of the course
Our package includes:
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