Learn how to grow on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with short videos
The Art of Making Short Videos

Who is this course for?
Content creators
who want to show their expertise through social media and monetize it
who want to start posting short videos and grow organically
who want to engage new audiences and explore new topics and format
who want to capture leads using social media platforms - YouTube, Instagram and TikTok
Why short videos?
Short videos are a relatively new format and this is a new feature hence they are being actively promoted. Short videos are currently providing the highest organic reach and offer free growth to creators who use them.
All you need is to learn how to make short videos!
People's attention is the most valuable asset - learn how to capture and retain it with videos
What are the advantages of short videos?
it's easy to create content for a month in just one day
with this format, you take advantage of the algorithm
if you are a YouTuber you will be amazed how much easier short videos are to create and how much traction they can get in a few days, exposing you to a new audience
shorts allow you to quickly start and grow new channels on YouTube, while Reels help you grow your Instagram account and to attract subscribers
Results you will achieve after taking the course
Through theoretical material you will:
Practical assignments will help you to:
  • find out which videos perform best

  • decide which social media platforms you should focus on

  • learn to write scripts to simplify the shooting process

  • understand the art of editing short videos

  • learn about ways to monetize short videos

  • learn how to grow organically using short content

  • Explore trends
  • learn to quickly shoot videos without wasting your time and energy

  • make content plan for upcoming videos

  • get necessary equipment for shooting

  • master basic editing on your phone

  • learn how to add music without getting blocked

  • master tricks of complex video editing

  • create and publish your first videos

  • repurpose videos for different social media platforms to get maximum reach
14 videos
18 lessons
14 days
Our cases
based on our first launch in Russian
Course curriculum:
1. How short videos are different on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube
2. Ideas for short videos
  • Nuances of each platform — TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts
  • Types of short videos
  • Where to look for short video ideas
  • Trends. How to identify and how to follow them. How to get inspired by other people's ideas and adapt them for your blog.
  • Adjust your frequency of posting depending on goals and platform
  • Organizing and planning short videos content
3. Content plan

  • What to consider in the first few seconds of the video. Video length (depending on the platform)
4. Scripts

6. Design and publication

  • Reposting and cross-posting on social media. Nuances of use on different platforms
  • Editing recorded videos (description, hashtags, etc.)
  • Tutorial: how to make shorts on a PC

5. Shooting and editing

  • Tips for shooting preparation: equipment, location, setup.
  • Secrets of creative editing.
  • Editing videos on your phone
  • Shooting and editing in apps
  • Music, copyright, fair use. Where to look for music
  • How to make a short video out of a long video
7. Algorithm
  • How the algorithm works. Metrics: find out how your video is performing.
  • How to analyze your YouTube and TikTok videos

Venya's approach to creating short videos
9. Bonus lesson from Venya Pak. Making shorts is easy.

Making money using short videos
8. Monetization opportunities

Video analysis (scrutinizing videos created by the course participants) + Q&A session
Video analysis (scrutinizing videos created by the course participants) + Q&A session
Live Zoom calls:
14 easy home assignments including video ideas

3 top expert speakers

access to a Telegram channel with trending videos

14 days of the course

6-week access to lessons

18 video lectures with acting experts

2 live Q&A Zoom calls
Marina Mogilko @linguamarina
Inna Ushakova @_innaushakova
Venya Pak @venyapak @veealwayshere
  • 820,000 followers on Instagram, creates content in two languages

  • 7,000,000+ subscribers on 3 YouTube channels

  • 260 000 000+ views

  • successfully taught over 5,000 students

  • 100,000 subscribers on China's biggest video platform Bilibili

  • 5,000 subscribers on 3 Telegram channels

  • $20,000— estimated monthly revenue from YouTube
  • manages four YouTube channels with a total audience of more than 7 million subscribers

  • Marina Mogilko's personal YouTube manager

  • knows how to make Shorts and TikTok videos by repurposing long videos

  • creates Shorts that get more views than regular videos
  • YouTube and Instagram video blogger

  • his Reels engage over 160,000 users
  • 18 lessons
  • Practical assignments after each lesson
  • Tutor support for the entire period of the course
  • 2 live Zoom calls with Marina
  • Telegram chat and information channel
  • Certificate of completion of the course
Our package includes:
I have never filmed myself. Is the course right for me?
Try filming 2−3 Instagram stories. Did you manage to do that?

In terms of shooting this is how easy short videos are.

Was it really that difficult and scary? If so, try getting used to the camera first. We are hoping to see you next time!
I have already done other courses by Marina. Will this one be of use to me?
Creating short videos is a tool definitely worth learning as it will help promote your channel/account. We haven't touched the topic of short videos as extensively in other courses.
How do I choose which social media platform to post short videos on?
We will help you get a clear idea of where to start by comparing all the platforms, as well as teach you how to create content simultaneously for several social media platforms.
Do you still have questions about the course?
Please leave a message in the feedback form -
a technical support specialist from Marina Mogilko's School will contact you and answer any questions you may have.