Grow from 0 to 100 000 followers on Youtube
Starts on March 23rd, 2020
Marina Mogilko, March 2020

December 2014: this was a very exciting time! This is when I published my first video on my Russian channel (Marina Mogilko). Surprisingly, it took me 2 years and 116 days to reach 100,000 subscribers! But who's counting, right? I knew nothing about being on YouTube, and that's why it took me so long to get it together, come up with a strategy, and have confidence in my plan for growing on the platform.

March 2016: by this time I was doing much better. I just launched my Linguamarina channel and in 1 year and 142 days I reached 100,000 subscribers.

April 2018: I launched Silicon Valley Girl and gained 100,000 subscribers in only... 147 days! I knew how the algorithm worked, how to create titles that attract attention, and how to engage my audience - that's exactly what I talk about in this course!
  • Three channels in two languages and on different topics! That proves that tricks I came up with work for many types of channels.
  • My YouTube channels generate over $10,000 in monthly revenue (and I am not counting paid partnerships)
  • Over 3,000,000 subscribers and counting.
I will talk about over a dozen ways to make a living off YouTube in this course.
What's included?
Part 1
Part 1
1.1 About this course
1.2 Who becomes famous on YouTube
Part 2
Part 2
How to create a PERFECT video that will get people's attention and KEEP them WATCHING
2.1 Start the video the right way (what to do in the first 60 seconds of your video)
2.2 Make content exciting to watch
2.3 Video length - does it MATTER?
2.4 How to create viral videos
2.5 How to make your subscribers your TRUE FANS (you only need 1000 of them)
Part 3
Part 3
SEO on YouTube
3.1 The right title is at least 20% of your success
3.2 How to make a description that would promote your video
3.3 Tags: how to tell YouTube where to recommend your video
Part 4
Part 4
YouTube Algorithm
4.1 What algorithm is looking for in your videos
4.2 Boost your video engagement with these tactics
4.3 Thumbnail: at least 20% of your success on YouTube is here
4.4 Is there best time to post?
4.5 How often you should post to grow on Youtube
4.6 Why I have over 1M followers and less than a million views
Part 5
Part 5
Your first views and subscribers. Time to grow!
5.1 Where to talk about your first videos
5.2 Worst and best ideas for you first videos
5.3 Buying subscribers and views, placing ads: is it worth your time and money?
5.4 How to collaborate with other influencers
5.5 How algorithm decides which videos would get 1M views
5.6 Types of videos to grow your channel consistently
Part 6
Part 6
Legal aspects of being in YouTube
6.1 Understanding Copyright (US)
6.2 Understanding trademarks and using them in your videos
6.3 Personal rights: how to mention other people in your videos
Part 7
Part 7
YouTube features that help you grow
7.1 Livestreams: are they still prioritized by YouTube?
7.2 Premiering your videos: is it worth it?
7.3 Increase your subscriber base with stories
7.4 How I use community tab to interact with my followers
Part 8
Part 8
Time to make money on Youtube
8.1 YouTube pays you for views - understanding the way this works
8.2 Increase your revenue using these tips and pay your taxes
8.3 CPM (how much you get paid per 1000 views)
8.4 How I make over $30K a month on YouTube and what you can do
8.5 Some other ways to make money off YouTube which I haven't been using
8.6 Should I join an MCN?
8.7 How to set a price for product placements in your videos
8.8 How to work with channel
8.9 FTC Guidelines - how to post ads without breaking the law
8.10 Monetizing kids content
Part 9
Part 9
Final word
What our YouTubers say about this course:
The course is very well-structured, filled with insights, examples, and actionable information. But most importantly, it's inspiring. Marina does an amazing job making her passion for YouTube contagious. :-)
Katerina Lengold
YouTube channel Katerina Lengold
My video is in the top 3!!! Thank you, Marina Mogilko, and everybody! Love you so much!"
Tatyana Leonenka
YouTube channel Tanya Leon
I got my first 100 subscribers! Also, when I did a search for "summer fashion," my video came up. I'm sure by my next video, I'll have thousands of views!!!
Julie Rothschild Levi
YouTube channel Officially Julie
The greatest thing about the challenge is that you have to post a video because you're a part of a community. It was the most difficult thing for me to do — to shoot a video, edit it, and upload it to my channel, but, thanks to the course, I did it. Marina gives all the lifehacks that help video creators, even on a channel with a small number of subscribers, so their videos become viewable. For example, I had 500 views on a video I made during the challenge in only TWO DAYS, and I only had 30 subscribers. This is SO COOL, I am grateful to Marina and this course!
Ilona Halynina
YouTube channel GILONA
Guys! I've made my first video on my YouTube Challenge — how to start a YouTube channel with Marina Mogilko. Marina, I would like to say thank you for this great course and for your help to start our channels! I want to say thank you guys for all the comments, feedback and support during the challenge! Wishing everyone the best!
Maria Andreeva
YouTube channel Maria Andreeva
Hey there! I recorded my first experimental video and it got right below Marina's video on the same topic! It's magic!
Alexey Chernyshev
YouTube channel Alexey Million
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