Create your own successful YouTube channel in 14 days
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The new, fresh version of Marina Mogilko's intensive "14 Day YouTube Challenge 2.0"
In two weeks, you will master all the important tools and techniques you'll need to launch your own YouTube channel. All lessons are interactive — watch a lesson and then start practicing immediately! Homework is designed to ensure that by the end of the course you will have your first video on the channel, created by all the rules and using Marina's insider secrets and lifehacks. But that's not all! You'll also know what to do next, what videos to shoot, and how to develop your YouTube channel.

What's included?

Exploring YouTube
Basic information about YouTube, Marina Mogilko's experiences, and common mistakes you'll want to watch out for. Create your channel and get to know the basic settings.

Choosing a topic
Find your own voice and topics for your vlog. Learn how to analyze your interests, target your ideal audience, and give your channel a catchy name. Get ready to do some brainstorming!

Creating a content plan
Create your channel's strategy for your selected topic, plan future videos, and manage your filming schedule. Learn what makes a good keyword to use in your video titles.

Developing the first script
Write a script for your first video, and decide how to present your topic enticingly. How do you begin, what should you say, and how can you make your video even more interesting for your audience? You'll learn all of this in just one lesson, and the result will be your first scene.

How to shoot your first video
Work on camera positioning and shooting ideas. Explore light and sound. Prepare for the first real shoot. How can you deal with fears and find the right voice for presenting information clearly and succinctly? What will your audience likes and dislikes? This very informative lesson will help you let go of all fears and get to the exciting stuff, like shooting the first video.

Choosing equipment
Find out what sort of tools and equipment you'll need to use for the first video. Explore the equipment Marina uses and recommends for shooting high-quality videos. Find sets for different budgets.

Editing videos
Analyze the process of editing videos in Adobe Premiere and iMovie. Learn all the basic techniques. You'll discover how to make your video even more dynamic, how to make sound effects, text layers, and color correction, and where to find the right specialists for you to do it!

Channel design
Analyze the design of Marina Mogilko's channels, and get key tips for designing your own YouTube channel page.

Uploading your first video
You will learn how to upload videos to your YouTube channel, what settings you need to make, and how to deal with haters. Explore optimization tips and types of promotion.

What our YouTubers say about this course:
Guys! I've made my first video on my YouTube Challenge — how to start a YouTube channel with Marina Mogilko. Marina, I would like to say thank you for this great course and for your help to start our channels! I want to say thank you guys for all the comments, feedback and support during the challenge! Wishing everyone the best!
Maria Andreeva
YouTube channel Maria Andreeva
The greatest thing about the challenge is that you have to post a video because you're a part of a community. It was the most difficult thing for me to do — to shoot a video, edit it, and upload it to my channel, but, thanks to the course, I did it. Marina gives all the lifehacks that help video creators, even on a channel with a small number of subscribers, so their videos become viewable. For example, I had 500 views on a video I made during the challenge in only TWO DAYS, and I only had 30 subscribers. This is SO COOL, I am grateful to Marina and this course!
Ilona Halynina
YouTube channel GILONA
I got my first 100 subscribers! Also, when I did a search for "summer fashion," my video came up. I'm sure by my next video, I'll have thousands of views!!!
Julie Rothschild Levi
YouTube channel Officially Julie
Hey there! I recorded my first experimental video and it got right below Marina's video on the same topic! It's magic!
Alexey Chernyshev
YouTube channel Alexey Million
My video is in the top 3!!! Thank you, Marina Mogilko, and everybody! Love you so much!"
Tatyana Leonenka
YouTube channel Tanya Leon
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